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How Do We Help You?

80% of today's buyers and sellers express a preference for the inclusion of a home inspection which offers some form of warranty coverage in their home transactions. Today's successful real estate professionals know the value of including a warranted home inspection in this transaction.
  • Our limited home warranty products complement rather than compete with traditional long-term warranties
  • Our buyer's limited home warranty begins the day of the home inspection and runs for a minimum of 90 days. Should there be an extended closing period that results in the closing date falling beyond the 90-day period, the limited warranty is then extended to the closing date plus 30 days
  • Our limited warranty provides coverage for mechanical and structural problems that may arise during the coverage period
  • Our claimants are allowed to find their own licensed technicians locally to repair or replace the failing system or component. This usually works in their favor because they can deal with the repair person or company that best serves their needs rather than a company whose use is required
  • Referring agents can show that they have their clients' best interests in mind by recommending a professional inspector who offers free limited warranty coverage with every inspection he performs
  • Use of our limited warranty allows you to add value to each transaction through inclusion of our mechanical and structural coverage.